Your personal teacher on the Path of Royal Tantra©. Based in Dubai tantric massage
Dubai´s Scandinavian Certified Professional Sexologist and Sex Education in Dubai

Royal Tantra Massage© in Dubai by Scandinavian Christina Lind





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Your Tantra Specialist.

I give thanks to the universe for my many lessons and blessings. To be filled with the gift of love and blessed with sensitivity and constant inspiration is a feeling that is beyond words.

Thank you all for your expressions of love and appreciation: feel my gratitude.

Experience the bliss of genuine skilled touch integrated with the experiential techniques of Tantra. Combine a modern western approach (scientific certified formula) with ancient teachings. There are only few practicing specialists at Christina´s level in Europe. She is the first and maybe still the only formally trained Tantra Specialist in the Middle-East.

Knowing my certificates is probably not relevant to you. What is important is that I continue to develop methods that say something.

Diamond Life Secrets, a hands-on introductory process for beginners was created after years of training and private tutorials in Asia, Europe, US and Australia after studies in my hometown in Scandinavia. I am trained with one of the best Asian masters and teachers (Margot Anand, Radha, K. Farrow) in the world when traveling more than 43 countries.

My background is in communications and I am founder and owner of my companies. In addition to teaching, I am a certified therapist. A formally trained and certified sexologist and educator; an intiated international teacher of sensual and Royal Tantra

I am also naturally gifted and intuitive hands-on healear, praciticing Bio-Energetics, a modern energy healing method based on detailed understanding of the energetic anatomy of the human body.

Ultimately, I belive that one learns techniques only to go beyond them and relax into self-acceptance of the heart

Insights do not happen through effort, but through the acknowledgment that you already have what it takes to feel all the pleasure and joy in your life.